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Interview: NewRocket’s next-generation engines aren’t just futuristic, they’re green

Yafit Ovadia15:2704.12.20

After NewRocket receives a seed stage investment to produce its low-cost, green engines that rely on clean nontoxic gel fuel, the company is looking to partner with aerospace groups for further testing

NewRocket CEO Ilan Harel. Photo: Paravoz Photography

The aerospace industry is on the rise now. In recent years, space tech companies have been booming, and several countries including the U.S., India, and Israel are producing the next generation of rockets, engines, fuel, and more. As the private industry expands – due to increasing demand and curiosity – the sector is seeing a sharp rise of new innovative solutions to old-school problems. Despite the financial setbacks caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, one small Israeli startup is blasting forward to the next generation of rocket engines and gel-based fuel that aren’t harmful to the environment, and don’t pose health risks for employees.



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