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Gel  Propellant  Technology
for  Space  and  Aviation

Developing advanced, environmentally friendly ("Green Propulsion") rocket engines based on innovative gel-propellant technology

Superior Maneuverability

The gel based fuel enables superior maneuvering capabilities for small engines and rockets

Very High Density ISP

Enabling – smaller launcher, more payload & higher orbit

Safe and Controlled

Our unique mechanical design supporting bipropellant fuel creates a very safe and controlled thruster

Green Fuel

Bipropellant gel fuel, a substitute for the toxic hydrazine, reducing the huge burden of handling toxic liquids, saving the environment and promoting personnel safety

The Technology

Basic Rundown

Proprietary Gel Technology

Conventional rocket engine technology in either solid or liquid form has many risks, including high toxicity, transportation challenges and produces rockets that are difficult to control or extinguish. NewRocket is developing proprietary gel technology enabling a stable and non-toxic engine propellant, without sacrificing performance and control.


A "green propulsion" technology, NewRocket's gel propellant combines all the advantages of both liquid and solid propellants. Safe to use and transport, the propellant will improve rocket performance, offering a powerful thrust that can be controlled and extinguished when needed. NewRocket's gel propulsion technology is designed to meet the strictest industry regulations.

We have successfully completed a proof of concept for the proprietary technology and identified key applications for the aviation, space and power generation markets.

Company Status

Current Standing


Led by a team of experienced engineers and leading scientists, NewRocket is associated with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, one of the world's top universities for science and technology research.


Currently supported by a seed investment from Incubit Technology Ventures (owned and backed by Elbit Systems Ltd.), NewRocket is seeking strategic partnerships in the space and aviation markets.

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